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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

VELOTICTY - Vroom! Vroom!

Hello All,

So Anya is out of commission for a bit (don't worry, she's healthy. Her computer blew out) so it is left to me to give you all the good news! VELOCITY is now available in ebook format at Phaze! Now you can get your fill of sexy, sexy, sexy Mark Anderson, his fast car and sizzling moments with Rebecca Lindsay *wiggles brows*
For those who haven't read about Velocity yet, here's the Blurb!
Rebecca Lindsay is perfectly happy with her quiet life. She let her father live the fast life for both of them. But when Mark Anderson walks into her library and shows tenderness towards a little orphaned girl, she loses her heart instantly. Is she ready to be a celebrity's girlfriend?

Mark Anderson knows all eyes are on him. There aren't many African American racecar drivers, and after having to fight for a sponsor he has every intention of behaving himself and winning the big race. But a chance visit to the library sends him into an obsession with a shy librarian that threatens to break his heart and drive him crazy.

Can Rebecca and Mark survive love in the fast lane, or will they crash and burn?
Click here to grab a sneak peek into Velocity!
K.D Tracey


Chloe Waits said...

Congratulations on your release, Anya and KD!