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Monday, September 7, 2009

Love Stories - Remember those?

Well hello there everyone,

First off, we are aware of some issues with our blog's layout with people not being able to comment. I (K.D) have been trying to fix it but it seems to be a bigger pain in the rare then we had anticipated. But eventually we will get it worked out *Crosses fingers*, we hope.

Secondly, wonderful news! Anya is now officially an aunt (And I be an adopted aunt of course lol). Her little bundle of joy nephew arrived in the world all perfect with ten fingers and ten toes and already has her wrapped around his little finger. Well he has me wrapped around it too even though I have yet to meet him. Babes are so adorable so we wanna congratulate Anya on that end.

Well, Velocity is coming February to Phaze. It has a cover *points to entry below this one* and a trailer and is ready to go. It even got edited already! So we are basically just waiting our turn. Careless Whispers is finished. We wrote it all now the dreaded editing before submissions is happening. We haven't decided where we will send it as of yet but we will let you know once we've decided and it gets accepted.

So Anya and I were having this conversation this morning - and it was a rather impromtu one. We were talking about true love stories and why we don't write them anymore. I'm not talking sex on ever page kinda love stories. I'm talking stories like the Scarlet Letter, The Other Boylin (I think I spelt that wrong) Girl, Jane Eyre (yes it is a love story), Memoirs of a Geisha... True stories that makes you laugh, cry, cheer and then fall in love all over again. I would Love to see some new names rise up and write some so Anya and I have decided to attempt this to lead the way - practise what we preach - so we began researching and find out that we have bitten off ALOT but so help us we are gonna chew lol.

I cannot give you any details about the project yet, because Anya and I haven't totally gotten everything down pat yet but once we do, we'll have a blurb up.

Please visit our website and check it out. Watch our trailer on youtube, we could use the views lol.