Velocity, now available at Phaze

Friday, July 3, 2009

Stuffage and sale!

First of all,

We'd like to say R.I.P Michael Jackson - you will forever be our king of pop!

Secondly, yes, we're here. Things haven't been going the way we'd like lately. I, K.D, is trying to switch majors to graduate earlier and my school is dragging it's feet. You'd think I asked them to have my babies or something equally overly dramatic. But I can do this. Anya is out right now, being stuck in the middle of nowhere in the day time - as you can probably guess she's not happy at the moment.

But some good news and the reasons for this blog, first of all our first story 'VELOCITY" is in edits at the moment. Anya and I are trying our best to finish our cover art form so that we can get a sexy cover soon but with Anya off net during the days and our time difference, it's taking a tad longer than we'd like but we're getting there.

Second good news, our publisher Phaze is having a sale! It's 30% off stuff. All you need is the following code when you purchase your titles!


It doesnt start until July fourth so don't try using it until then! Buy your favorite author titles and save? Now THAT is hot!

Anyways, I should get back to job hunting.

Happy fourth of July all you lovely Americans you! Stay out of trouble, use fireworks only in designated areas. Be sure you're properly trained to use them. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT give fireworks to children and be sure they are supervised when useing those sparkler ones. Be safe, Watch Independence Day (That's what I'll be doing for the millionth time), drink responsibly and know that you're alive and well!

Be Blessed.
K.D Tracey