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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why do People think all animals should be pets?

Hi everyone!

Now the reason why I'm here. I was watching this show called "When good pets go bad" and I was sitting on my bed with my mouth hanging open. These attacks - most of them - the victims had it coming. I am stilled so stunned of how people can take an animal from its natural habitat, taunt it, tease it, try to change it and not expect it to snap. Like the moron that decided it was a great idea to collect snakes - I'm not talking about small snakes - I'm talking about cobras, boas - the dangerous ones. HELLO? Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Those things can wrap around someone and kill them, they can escape and eat other people's pets, babies - what in the world made someone think it's a good idea to bring a snake that big or at all into their homes? Or the smart guy that thought it was a grand idea to take a tamed horse and basically untrain it to be wild again just so he could put it into the rodeo. The horse went nuts and started biting the man. Now I dont like seeing people get hurt but this man was some kind of stupid! Messing with the natural instincts of an animal that size can only end in tears. Or the grown man that thought "hey! I'm gonna poke this dog with this stick!"

Ok, he deserved to get bit! Too bad they put the dog down. If you keep poking me with a stick I would snap and kick your butt so why does the dog have to take it? Another one that gets me, is the people that travel abroad and bring animals back. Erm, no, why? Leave the animals where they are. It can cause all sorts of problems, from new diseases, to danger to communities to the animals dying because they are not accustomed to the temperature or atmosphere. Letting animals die like this is not only painful but inhumane. So here are some pointers:

--> Stop using horses in crowded places.

Horses HATE crowds and people can be stupid as hell to taunt the horse, then everyone is in trouble.

--> Stop getting dangerous animals like snakes, tigers, lions etc as pets. That's just dumb and dangerous.

--> Stop taming and untaming horses...

--> Don't taunt animals because just because you're a dummy and do that doesn't mean that no one else won't he hurt. If you're the only one there, knock yourself out.

And the BIG one, the one that they should already know SNAKES ARE NOT PETS!

I'm not saying that people should die during these things but seriously, stupidity hurts. Thanks all for reading my little rant!

K.D Tracey