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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ramblings of an Introduction:

Hey everyone I am Diva Anya -- and welcome to our blog.

So, a bit about us? For starters it is no joke - we love to write. That passion alone is what brought us together across countries not so long ago in the dead of one night. Everyone has a song right? Ours, hands down, is Vindicated by Dashboard confessional - at the time of this writing it is the song playing on the page. We both attached to that song for years before even knowing each other.

Writing together? Honestly, we've known each other just under a month at this point but I might get a bit wishy-washy girly here and say it does feel like forever. It is too the point where we are often telling each other - "get out of my head," and already we have a handful of projects under way, some slight disagreements and secrets we have already shared.

As to our projects - one is Velocity, its 'supposed' to be a short story but I tell you all, its burning up my mind and my keyboard and making me adjust to writing the grammatically correct and publishable way. Velocity will live up to its name in more ways than one, a story of a georgeous dark skinned man with a sensitive side he lets loose around little children, and a sensual side he gives to the woman he loves, a pale-haired woman determined to make it on her own.

You must catch it. You absolutely must!

On the tail of Velocity is a story entitled Maria's Latin Lover. People, this one will be hot. I can't say much without giving away much, but the title alone should set some ideas out there. She's not a shy violet, and he has a world at his fingertips that is missing one thing...

Now... drum roll... a bit about Me:

Lets see, I might have slipped into my early 30's. I might be single and living in Arizona with a sister. I might have a job that allows me to write in the middle of the night. I might have a passion for writing, and have had it since I was a tiny girl. I can't remember how old I was when I wrote my first poem but I do remember what I wrote. It was about candy of course! What else does a tiny girl want but that? Will I write it here? Maybe one day. But I seriously doubt it as it makes me blush a bit.

From there I went on to writing what I thought were songs, then short stories, then when I was 13 or 14 I attempted my first novel. It was about a girl who wanted a horse [after all, what else does a 13 year old girl want most] and after getting said horse from a rescue operation, she trained it and made it all the way to the Olympics.

I still have that story too.

Then I sunk myself into the world of magic and fantasy. This was where my heart lay at. In highschool I was rather alone -- alot. All my friends went to other schools or somehow we drifted apart. I spent most my lunchtimes hiding in the Library just to keep the others from tormenting me. I found a book there that was in fact a fantasy/magic love story. The main characters barely kissed and hugged -embraced- was the word used. But it melted my heart to read about people so in love. But in the end - the main guy LEFT the girl. He got in a boat and left her on the shoreline!

At age 14, that just doesn't happen.

Shy quiet me, glasses and all, in the middle of class one day when I wasn't supposed to be reading but was, launched that book out of anger against the wall.

You should have seen the looks on everyone's faces. At the end of class I picked it up. I decided something, if no one was writing what I wanted to read - I would write it.

And so a monster was created.

Over the next 13 years I poured my heart and soul into fantasy writing, story after story filled my head and came out from under my fingertips, every free minute I had was spent at a keyboard. I could write 63 pages in one day - easy. My mother had to bring food into me.

Eventually, I sent one away for publishing.

Thank God it was rejected. If by some chance it had published I'd rather it be buried somewhere in a hole.

But eventually, I moved out. When I did writing time became less and less as real life took over. I fell madly MADLY in love with a man I grew up with.

He left me after seven years, to make a long story short.

My motivation for writing slowly died out, over the next five years, trickled down into online web games. But that did keep my writing alive, and it helped it to develop and grow.

Then last month I met Diva Kadian.

She hit me with a Nerf bat and motivation exploded.

My fingers write again, if a bit self-consciously. But I write again. I still have grammar errors, but all that will fix with time.

Thanks Diva Sister, for finding me and continuing to put up with me and my sometimes childish ways. Thanks to everyone else too for putting up with me.

I hope you enjoy our stories. Ideas and comments are always always welcome.

Love always,
Anya Lynn Rhine