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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Introduction times 2

Hello everyone! I am K.D Tracey the second half of the Divas. Yes, we were brought together because of our love of writing. We do most of our writing in the dead of the night when sane people are sleeping but I have this to say about sleep - Slee is overrated- lol. We are hoping to bring you stories that are sexy, romantic, classy - all of that wrapped up in a nice little package. A bit about me, I am a romance writer and student. I have a few titles out at the moment (Kadian Tracey). The titles include African Chocolate, A Scottish Lord's Destiny, Desert Protector and Broken Wings.

My taste in music ranges all over the world - so does Anya's - as you can probably tell from our little music ninja box on the right hand side of this blog's screen. We will be adding music to it all the time so even if you don't come back to read our ramblings, stop by to chill with the musical Ninja.

I was born in Jamaica and now living in Canada. I am trying to get my BA at the moment and it is not easy. I think school was sent to test my patience but still I stick with it because I have to set an example to the people who read my work and my little sisters. I mean, if I quit how can I then tell them to go to school and do well? Anyways, I love writing stories with a little bit of steam but romantic at the same time. Anya and I are working on two titles. One was meant to be a short story then it was meant to be a novella, now we just stopped setting a border and let it go where it wants to go.

Please visit our website to get a more indepth look at us.

Thanks again for stopping by!

May all your days be romantic and may all your nights be sensual under the light of the moon!
K.D Tracey